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1) PROUD SPANIARD, a fantastical farce

  • expressionist
  • 2 male actors and 1 dancing girl
  • 1h 15min

The hero, don Iñigo Ignacio Javier, pretends to be what he is not, moreover what he is not at all. He plays the Grandee when he is just a poor devil. Actually, before the play ends we shall discover that everything was just fake and the main character will confess that… “I feel so miserable… My Empire has vanished like smoke and nothing remains of my former grandeur… I want to die.”



  • a mixture between medieval jester theatre and Italian Commedia dell´Arte.
  • 2 male actors and 1 dancing girl
  • 1h 10min

The play tells about the passionate love which ties the Cornish knight Tristan to the Irish princess Yseult the Blonde (and her to him as well), in spite of King Marc of Cornwall.
Medieval dances, an Irish Jig, a giant, risky voyages Cornwall-Ireland and return, a dragon, a love philtre and therefore Love!



  • first part: songs and dances
  • second part: a farce
  • 1 male actor, 1 male actor-singer and 1 dancing girl
  • 1h 30min

The play is intended to be a large fresco of the main Irish topics: Molly Malone, hunger, emigration, passion, celtic sentimentality, green and rainy landscapes, and the fight for Independence and against the English rule.
The first part is composed of 10 popular songs, mainly from the XIX th century: Molly Malone, Carrickfergus, Nora, Fare thee well Enniskillen, etc, still popular and often sung in pubs and popular meetings. Three of these songs are danced and all of them are acted.
The second part has a little complicated plot: Eamon, a young Irish fighter against the British, has to kill Lord Falklands who is the English governor of Ireland. Yes, but Eamon is in love with Evelinn, who is Lord Falklands´daughter, and Evelinn, it seems, has fallen in love with him as well. Therefore the political murder gets morally complicated… What will happen?



  • a mixture between medieval jester theatre and Italian Commedia dell´Arte
  • 2 male actors, 1 actress/dancing girl
  • 55min

Launcelot, King Arthur, Queen Guenever, Kay, Gawain, etc… the Round Table and its invincible Knights. Invincible? Nevertheless, in spite of King Arthur and taking advantage of Launcelot´s absence, the wicked Satán Jesusín, the butcher of Bagdabad, will kidnap the Queen and force her to become his odalisk. Launcelot, always in love with her, will come back to try to rescue her.
The play ends with a belly dance which should not be missed.



  • 1 actor, 2 dancing girls
  • 1h 30min

Ten monologues (Orsino, Edmund the Bastard, Parolles, Shylock, Don John, Jack Cade, Don Adriano de Armado, captain Mac Morris, Macbeth, Hamlet) acted in English and Spanish; five songs written by Shakespeare himself and sung in English; eight short dances… compose this modest but enthusiastic homage to the genius of Shakespeare (Güilian Sespir in Spanish).






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